Register a Trademark UK

Register a Trademark UK For Your Protection!

When looking to register a trademark UK it is essential that you understand exactly what a trademark is and the protection it gives you, your business and intellectual property. A trademark is a word or symbol that is legally registered to a company and used to represent their brand, service or product. When establishing what a trademark is, it can be summarised as a specific mark related to a product or company, for example, the word ‘McDonalds’ is a trademark and the golden arches is a logo associated with this trademark and all companies would have to go through the register a trademark UK and throughout the world process.

Registered Trademark UK

What Do Trademarks Do?

The most known quality of a trademark is that they give the registered owner the exclusivity to use the mark when operating their business. This is correct, however; a trademark also allows the owner of the trademark to protect their business prohibiting others from using a similar-looking mark that could potentially confuse customers.

One confusion that arises on when you register a trademark UK, is that they are protected against anyone selling the same goods or service as yourself. A trademark is a mark registered to your company however it does not prevent anyone from selling the same products as yourself under a different mark. The role of a trademark is to simply prohibit other company’s stealing your brand’s identity and using your name as a means of profiting.

Why Register a Trademark UK?

It is not compulsory to register a trademark UK for your company’s name or logo, however, as a business owner when you understand what a trademark is it seems more than logical to do so. One reason to register a trademark UK is to protect your company’s reputation. If others use your branding or company name to sell their products, they could potentially damage your company’s reputation if they provide low-quality products, poor customer service or don’t provide the customers with what they paid for.

Another reason to register a trademark UK is to generate a sense of trust and authenticity to the public. When customers see the ‘TM’ associated with trademarked company’s, it gives an impression of high-quality products or services. This will potentially attract more customers to your business and therefore generate more capital as the public understand what a trademark is and the status that comes with it.