1909 Kitchen Door Styles

Kitchen Doors

In a world of trends and fashion it is getting more and more common to want a home interior which is modern and on trend. Kitchen doors come in many styles each providing different approaches of design and flair. However, it may be hard to choose a kitchen door without understanding what each design really is and how it will fit into your home, some examples of popular door styles are Shakers, Quarter Rounds, Half Pencil Scallops, Slabs and Slab & Shakers.

In-frame Shaker

A Shaker kitchen door provides a design perfect for modern living. Not only is it a timeless in style but its elegant quadrat curves add sublime detail that gives a bespoke feel to your kitchen. Shaker kitchen doors are also made in-frame creating a seamless flow from door to door suiting perfectly to a modern family. One feature of Shaker style doors is their ability to curve with your kitchen without looking the emphasis of their design, therefore ensuring your kitchens style is consistent throughout.

Quarter Rounds

Quarter round kitchen doors are a subtler approach to kitchen design compared to the classic shaker. The functionality of its in-frame design gives a simple yet premium look to your kitchen and intricate detail allows a sense of style to be felt even in a small kitchen. The classic painted quarter-round kitchen door fits into all homes and works flawlessly with elaborate layouts.

Half Pencil Scallops

Half pencil scallops possess as higher degree of detail compared to slab and shaker doors. Their classic look allows them to fit perfectly into period homes but also be used in more modern homes to create a sense of character in the space. The door consists of an in-frame design with a simple, yet effective design manufactured into the door itself. Pair Half Pencil Scallops with simple handles to create a sleek, characteristic look.


Slab kitchen doors are a smart way to create storage options in your home. Their simple design look unquestionably appealing and in-frame feature ensures the style of these doors is kept contemporary. By using this door, a tailored look can be achieved in your kitchen offering a look of excellent linearity and strong perspective. Finally Slab kitchen doors look stylish when two colours are used within the same space, for example Porcelain and Graphite.

Slab & Shakers

Slab & Shaker kitchen doors create the best of both worlds with the simple, effectiveness of a Slab door paired with the timeless, elegancy of a shaker. The simple yet effective design adds everlasting character to your kitchen allowing you to switch up themes and styles without having to change the whole interior.

Its not just the detail of your kitchen door that adds to the style it is also the colour. Whether you’re going for a simple, fresh look with Parchment White or a more daring design with Umber and Spearmint, your kitchens colour will add the finishing touches that will make the space a place you want to spend time and utilise fully.