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Latest figures have recently been released from The Office of National Statistics have revealed that a record number of completed divorces have been completed since 1972. In 2019, the divorce rate increased by 18.4%, however, there was a backlog in court processing which let to more cases finalising last year.

The most common ground to enlist divorce solicitors Sutton Coldfield is still unreasonable behaviour by either party. The process is more commonly started by women, with the average time being married before divorce is 12.3 years in 2019.

Divorce Solicitors

When looking at the cause of divorce, it is commonly stated that the catalyst for the process was a significant change in circumstances that impacted the relationship beyond repair. Examples include financial stress and debt, job insecurity and career change, early retirement or simply an increase in arguments creating a home environment full of tension.

Interestingly, many couples are now choosing not to get married at a young age, choosing to live together before marriage in 88% of cases with 16-29-year olds.

The coronavirus pandemic will, unfortunately, cause many couples immense relationship pressure, leading them to call time on their marriage and file with divorce solicitors.

With so many aftereffects and an unstable economy and job market, many couples are feeling the financial strain which is one of the biggest causes of relationship breakdown. It’s important to contact divorce solicitors Sutton Coldfield to seek family law advice at the earliest opportunity.


Divorce solicitors