Customer Experience

One thing that can often be overlooked in a business is the importance of the customer experience. Although it is drilled into all client-facing employees. Those who aren’t client-facing often forget that they’re one cog in the supply chain that provides a service for a consumer. There are many digital solutions to improving your customer… Read More

Register a Trademark UK

Register a Trademark UK For Your Protection! When looking to register a trademark UK it is essential that you understand exactly what a trademark is and the protection it gives you, your business and intellectual property. A trademark is a word or symbol that is legally registered to a company and used to represent their… Read More

Civil Litigation

When two or more parties have a legal dispute that requires a settlement of money or performance instead of a criminal sanction, the result is Civil Litigation. Litigation can be a complex and emotionally taxing event but with the right legal representation, matters can be dealt with efficiently and effectively. Litigators, lawyers who specialise in… Read More