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Many people wonder if they must stick with the initial accountant and accounting software as when they started the business. It is a common misconception that you need to ‘make do’ with your accountants Halesowen if they are not giving you a good service. For most companies, we stick with accounting software even if it irritates us, as switching can feel like a chore.

It’s a simple and relativity quick process to make the jump to a different accountant. There is many different accounting software that can be used, and it’s down to your business type and preference with what one works best for you. There is SAGE, QuickBooks, Xero and many more.

Accountants in Halesowen

If you are considering using a new Accountants in Halesowen, if you can it is best to change at the start or end of the financial year, to help with a clear division in managing the books and overall a simpler process.

However, even if you are halfway through the financial year, it is still possible to switch accountants Halesowen and software, it just means you may have to keep both software running for a few months during the switching phase. It gives the internal finance team and external accountant company to ensure nothing is missed and might even mean replicating from the old to the new. This way you can ensure your running bank balance is correct and customer payments can be correctly allocated.

Advanced accounting software such as Xero which many accountants in Halesowen offer a service called ‘Move my Books’ which transfers your SAGE and Quickbooks information to Xero and replicates the data making it a smooth process.

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